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Benefits Of Leasing

Equipment leasing provides a flexible alternative to cash purchases and traditional loan financing when acquiring business-critical assets and equipment.

Given today’s economic challenges and the rapid pace of technological change, companies continue to look at equipment leasing as a critical financing strategy. Here’s why:

Build Your Business Now  — Leasing offers you the ability and flexibility to acquire your equipment now, so it can help you generate profits to fund additional growth.

Less Money Down and Affordable Monthly Payments — Leasing usually requires less up-front cash than conventional financing. And, a lease can be structured so it’s affordable for you.

Stay Ahead of Technology — An equipment lease delivers flexibility so you never have to worry about high-tech obsolescence.

Healthy Balance Sheet — In many cases, leases may not be considered as debt by financial institutions.

Tax-Friendly — Lease payments can be tax-deductible as an operating expense or fully depreciated, depending on the structure of your lease.

Simplified Approval Process — Once we receive your application we will process it in a quick and timely manner so that you can complete the order and delivery of equipment.