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Business Leasing FAQs

Real Lease is here to answer all your questions. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions… and the answers.

  • What is an equipment lease?

    An equipment lease is a way for you to acquire the equipment you need now and pay for it as you use it. It’s a better way to manage cash flow and operating expenses.

  • What is a "net lease"?

    A net lease means that the lessee pays for the equipment’s maintenance, utilities or taxes related to usage (sales tax, property tax, etc.).

  • What types of equipment can be leased?

    Nearly any kind of business equipment, furniture or fixtures can be leased. Whether you’re expanding to a new office location, building a new hotel, or just expanding existing operations, leasing has become such a popular financing alternative that some $250 billion of business equipment is leased each year.

    Among the most popular types of equipment to be leased are: manufacturing and production equipment; construction equipment (cranes, tractors, forklifts, machine tools); energy equipment, HVAC, and lighting; heavy machinery; transportation equipment (trailers, delivery vehicles); landscaping equipment; refuse trucks and equipment; communications equipment (telephone systems); servers and computers; audio-visual equipment; office furniture and equipment; diagnostic medical equipment; even fitness equipment.

  • How long is a lease term? Is a lease always for a fixed term?

    Typically lease terms range form 24-60 months. Longer terms may be available depending on the useful life of the equipment. A lease is always for a fixed term.

  • Can used equipment be financed?

    Yes! Used and refurbished equipment can be financed as long as the term of the financing is not beyond the useful life of the equipment.

  • Can soft costs be included in the financing?

    Yes! A percentage of the soft costs such as freight, installation and service can be included. (Training, service contracts)

  • Can I include money for future equipment purchases in today‚Äôs lease?

    Yes! We understand it may be easier to allocate funds for future purchases today rather than going to your board for each new purchase. The key is in the planning.