Real Lease is honored to be recognized as the #1 Fastest-Growing Company in the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Top 100.
Best Practices

Our energy project management is second to none. We take a team approach to ensure the efficiency and ultimate success of your energy project financing.

We provide:

  • Project development and cash flow analysis
    Real Lease will begin working with the Energy Services Company even before you have finalized the full scope of work to ensure that the proposed project will meet your cash flow and budget requirements.
  • Perform and manage all underwriting and credit approvals
    Real Lease helps to ensure a timely and accurate review and pain-free credit approval process.
  • Coordinate¬†with grants and other supplemental funding sources
    Real Lease will work with local, state and federal energy programs that can help reduce overall costs of the projects through grants, rebates and other financing incentives. We can incorporate the cost savings into the lease financing.
  • Prepare and review of all financing documentation
    Real Lease will prepare all necessary documentation and coordinate legal review, if necessary, and approvals of all documents in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare payment schedules and cash flow models
    Real Lease will help ensure that all transaction costs are identified; prepare a payment schedule that meets timing and payment requirements of all parties; finalize cash flow models that meet budget centers.
  • Coordinate transaction closing and funding
    Real Lease will bring your transaction to a timely close and ensure all necessary funds are available for closing and purchase.
  • Escrow and vendor payable management
    Real Lease will coordinate with the customer and the vendor to manage the draw schedule payments until final delivery and acceptance.